I am wanting to know How and Why
Because I know
I can
I think I can–
I can…
I can?
I can!
I can’t?
I can’t stop trying to figure you out
And why you are this way
And why everything is this way
Because you talk and pause
To cringe and look over towards me
With excuses of kitten paws;
You pick my lock
And Pick my mind
Smiling in subtleties
You sip through a straw,
(I Promise:
This is the best advice I could ever offer you:
Whisper softly because
The hard woods ricochet
Each & Every  
Sinful greedy breath
You take of this
Shit-Infested Air.)

I glance at you
A silent “Fuck You”
As I reach my hand for the door.
“Careful for Isa!”
You warn me,
As if either of us
Really fucking care–
I look down at the cat
(Who is terrified of the litter box
So she goes all along the floorboards instead;
The Living room and Kitchen are “no-man’s land”
So Isa reclaims it
One shit
At a time.)
And I sigh because I can tell
She hates it here just
As much as I do.
When Isa finally ran away
No one wondered where she went,
And no one bothered to look.
We were all too distracted
By our boxes and our things–
And this Truth that seemed so nonexistent–
I remember last seeing Isa on a Thursday
In the backyard, heading for the third terrace.
I didn’t stop her for many reasons–
But I could not bring myself
To interrupt her freedom;
When all I wanted
In that very moment
Was to leave my set of house keys
And run away from Rogers Street.

The Entropic Philanthropy
Of last Spring
Taught me when to bite my tongue
And when to fend & fight;
But I found out that no matter what
I am always bound to bleed.