My mind is heavy; I’ve been dragging it along.
I am silently breaking the Fourth Wall in my cup of coffee.
The first light of Thursday’s dawn is a reflection and
I am drinking it.
The sunrise, easily manipulated,
Has me transfixed on the distortion
Inflicted by the vibrations of my thumb
As it taps against the rim.

The energy travels through the ceramic,
Into the shape shifting matter
That I sip and swallow
As I stare at my thumb’s silhouetted reflection
Tap tap tapping,
All the while wondering
Where the vibrations will go and
What they will become…

It is morning (as opposed to night)
But the transformation from one to the other
Makes it difficult for my mind
To distinguish the difference between
Yesterday and Today–
That moment that is split
Between the Stop and the Start;
Keeping Now & Then apart.
The Beginning and The End…

…They feel the same.

The transformation was constant—
(Like my thumb’s tapping,
And my need for more coffee)
But the difference between the two
Was purely visual;
(Only the blind man knows
The color of relativity.)
My displacement Here (caused by rotation)
Is but another reminder of the pattern.

I think about my thumb
And the shape shifter
And the reflection
And the pulsating, infinite transcendence of energy,
(Whether from the rays of the sun,
The gravitational pull of the moon,
Or the clout of my right thumb against a cup of coffee)
And I am reminded
Of my own conscious existence:

I comprise and channel energy;
(It runs through my veins,
through this concrete stoop,
and deep into the Earth,
where it may separate itself–
the subatomic parts realigning with other energies
and ultimately becoming other life forms and natural occurrences.)

I am reborn.

Contributing to the consistency and the infinite,
I am a reflection of my perception
And my perception is everything displaced.
This is consciousness.
This is contradiction.

I am laughing in my mind,
Because it is all the same,
Yet we search for the differences
In hopes of better understanding
(Something so illogical;
So fundamentally flawed,
That its perfect, in the sense
Of perfection being what our
Minds cannot possibly grasp)
How the life Within us
and the life Around us
Are identical to the lives
Beyond us and Behind us.

(Only the blind man knows
The color of relativity.)