I will wake up this afternoon and pour a cup of stale coffee,
Trusting that I will wake up enough
To meet a revenue goal,
To compliment my paycheck,
To compromise my sanity for comfort…
All of which will reflect on my resume,
And it will look good
And I’ll pretend to be proud.

I expect to wake up tomorrow,
Intertwined in the same deceitful knot of confusion
I found myself in today
And yesterday
And the day before.
This is getting old because
I’m too young to understand
This American Dream;
This stark disillusionment;
This Shit Utopia
Of the shameless capitalist regime!

We are the future and
This is our hypothesis:
If we destroy it,
Then we will finally be free.
Thus, Corporate Caliber soon
Will crumble, forming gravel
At our feet.
This is a destined defeat.