Let the pathogen tear
Your everything apart
And rob you of your love,
Leave you blind.
Let it live
Vicariously through
As you watch it
Another’s body
And strip away
The Liveliness, The Culture
Like the armies do–
Just like they do.
Everyone’s a terrorist
When National Defense
Needs an excuse—
Like your emptiness.
Feed and stomach your meal
While sitting across from
The malignancy
Feasting upon a part of yourself.
Clear the dishes;
Watch them ebb and flow
Like the Ocean tide;
Do not cry
When you deny them of their thirst
As you drink the water,
The very substance filling their lungs and
Suffocating them with every swallow.
They are dying.
The pace
Is measured in grains of salt
While you find yourself awake
Splitting the very atoms within your mind
Contemplating the ghost
Of this “Greater Good” on the tip
Of your tongue;
The sores upon their’s
You soothe as you spoon-feed
A Wendy’s Million Dollar Milkshake
That effectively suppresses
The necessary annunciation
For a last shot at conversation—
It’s coldness curing more than
Every round of chemo
And every doctor
And every spinal tap & CAT Scan
Could ever afford to.
Watch them die,
And deny it
From their withered fingers.
Their Irises are colorless,
Their stare angles into you.
Yeah, it strangles you,
Making you blink to
Reinstate the reality
That was fading along with
This mutual struggle
To breathe–
As truth collides with the
Contagious thought:
They were dead long before pronounced
Yet you weren’t there,
And you just missed it.
The night pauses.
Your shadow is lost in Atlanta somewhere.
You’d rather not look;
You are too fucking busy
Demonizing the dead as if
It fucking procreates.